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kidsYoga benefits

Benefits of yoga in Children.png


  • Studies have shown that yoga in schools help to reduce instances of problem behaviours.

  • Practicing yoga in schools was shown to help kids make better food choices and engage in more physical activity generally than children who do not do yoga, making yoga an important tool to help deal with increasing levels of obesity amongst children in Australia.

  • Supports and maximizes the learning process as well as creative problem-solving.

  • Helps in reducing bullying as encourages community and connectedness, team-skills and social interaction.

  • Enhance organizational and communication skills.

  • Improves posture, assisting with breathing, writing and sitting for long periods.

  • Helps create a feeling of confidence and self-esteem instead of competitiveness.

  • Yoga appeals to both sporty and non sporty kids alike. It can give kids who do not like sport or other physical activities a way to connect with their bodies and being active. 

  • Yoga helps kids who play sport increase their strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and body awareness, all of which will help improve their game and help guard against injuries.

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