you will be the hero you always wanted to be
don't dream for it, train for it.
do something that seems impossible.
never give up on your dreams.
don't fear
your power. own it.
know yourself,
try new things,
sprinkle joy.
teach others to fly,
it's time to shine!

you are making the difference.
learn more, do more, be more.
follow your passion,

some day you will guide the next generation.

in the making

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for kids 2 to 5 years

Every class is a mission where kids help one of the OmHeroes solve a problem or challenging situation. As part of the mission, kids are welcomed to participate in problem-solving, this assists the kids in gaining confidence and independence to help them solve their everyday life challenges.


Every YogaLeague OmHero is linked to one or more issues that children face every day in their lives.

During the mission, the children have their secret practice of AcroYoga where TheYogaLeague OmHero teaches them skills, behaviours, and values such as co-operation, community, trust and teamwork all while the kids perform and practice poses together.


At the end of every mission, there is a dedicated time for meditation and relaxation, encouraging the kids to gain self-control, self-regulation, focus and concentration.

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Meet The YogaLeague om-Heroes

Drake the Dragon, TheYogaLeague

Drake the dragon


Element: Air

Magic Tool: Golden soul

om-power: Loyalty, helps the world deal with bullying.

Values: Self-acceptance and acceptance of each other, cooperation, kindness, sharing, awareness of feelings, taking initiative and turns, consideration.

Home: Tibet

Colour: Yellow

Friends: Duck, butterfly, flamingo, bat, panda.

Continent: Asia


Many moons ago, there was a solitary egg atop a mountain.

The egg was waiting and growing, basking in the amazing views until the strongest of winds blew it away. It fell and fell, and rolled right into a nest where an Iguana Mamma had her clutch. She cared for the new one with the same love she had for the others until one sunny morning they all began to hatch.


It was clear one didn’t belong among the others, this new hatchling was bigger, had shorter legs and arms that didn’t quite separate from his body. His movements were clumsy compared to his agile siblings, and worst of all whenever he sneezed he burned everyone around him. It wasn’t long before the others began to make fun of him and keep him out of their games, he wished he could look like everyone else.


What this baby didn’t know, was that he could never be like them. As Drake’s short stubby arms turned into full grown wings, he was their first choice when they wanted to go on rides across the clouds or needed someone to defend them from the bullies, and discovered the power he had in being nothing but himself.

Luella the unicorn, TheYogaLeague

Luella the unicorn


Element: Magic

Magic Tool: StarShine

om-power: Helps the world have a pleasant sleep, good dreams and stop being afraid of the dark.

Values: Following your dreams, creativity, respect, enjoyment of discoveries.

Home: Enchanted forest. Val de Loire in


Colour: Rainbow

Friends: Mermaids, fairies, cows.

Continent: Europe


She has always been the naughty one. in the land of horses, she is known as the master of disguise. Her secret is to use her Elvis-style quiff to hide her horn and leave, unnoticed, into her favorite place: the world of children. She prefers to sleep during the day, so she can visit human kids at night, and sprays stardust and sings them good night songs to give them peaceful sleep and happy dreams.


Every morning, when kids around the world wake up with an “ear worm” and filled with joy, they know Luella payed them a visit, and left a little stardust behind.

Sonny the Lion, TheYogaLeague

SONNY the lion


Element: Fire

Magic Tool: FireHeart.

om-power: Gives the world courage, helps dealing with anxiety, stress, dependence, and separation.

Values: Bravery, making good choices, the self of achievement.

Home: Mount Kilimanjaro

Colour: Red

Friends: Giraffes, Elephants, tigers.

Continent: Africa


Sonny was born under the sign of fire, the day the sun and moon found each other at the same time on the sky of Mount Kilimanjaro, when the Kings with a Heart of Gold are born.


Since the moment he was born, he loved mischief. Perhaps too much for his own good. Some said he liked pranks so much they had sealed his heart shut. Little by little his friends grew tired of his pranks and left him all alone at the top of Kilimanjaro. In his solitude, asking his friend The Sun for advice on getting his friends back a tear fell out and his heart suddenly opened up to receive all the light in the world. When The Sun saw him, and his courage to admit his bad choices he transferred his warmth to Sonny who was all of a sudden shining brightly.


With time, Sonny learned to use the strength in his heart and became a generous friend to all the other animals, who soon came back to join him and his light.

Charlie the Chameleon, TheYogaLeague



Element: Fire

Magic Tool: Camouflage and strength. He's the master of AcroYoga, he can shift and adapt.

om-power: Helps facing changes as he can easily adapt to any circumstance.

Values: Grateful, looking and caring about people and the environment, respect, delight in nature.

Home: Amazonia

Colour: Green

Friends: Monkeys, snakes, crocodile, frogs, pink dolphin.

Continent: America


Even though Charlie was a Chameleon, he loved nothing more than to monkey around. He spent hours watching the monkeys play on tree branches and imitated them. One afternoon, during their games, they noticed Charlie and asked him to join them in their Circus of Adventure. He was so excited, he could barely believe it.


Of course, the monkeys were more than pleasantly surprised when he showed them everything he had learned from watching them. Charlie made everything more exciting, playing hide & seek was especially fun because none of them could become one with nature like he could. Soon, all the other animals wanted to join the games, and compete on who could be the first one to find Charlie, who disappeared into green pastures, o brown logs and red mangos in the blink of an eye.

Raychel the Ray, TheYogaLeague



Element: Water

Magic Tool: MemoryDrop

om-power: Show happy place/moments, helps the world with frustration and impatience.

Values: Self-control, self-belief, sense of belonging, confidence, self-discipline, self-esteem.

Home: Australian coral reef.


Friends: Turtles, fishes, sharks, penguins, whales, dolphins.

Continent: Oceania and Antartica


You could say all marine animals looked up to Raychel the Ray.

With her undying sense of adventure she soon became the master at discovering the most magical corners under the sea. The other animals loved following her around, with her big heart and even bigger curiosity.


She became so popular that even the mermaids played along. They were so enchanted by her discoveries that they gave her magical sea droplets, so she could share her gifts with all her friends. She still keeps her droplets hidden under her fins and uses them to helps her friends look at life through ocean-colored glasses, teaching them that life depends on how we look at it and that any place can become a happy place if you wish hard enough.